Preparations ongoing…

fullsizeoutput_446We payed a visit to the vaccination center a few days ago, just having in mind to get some information about what could be good to have. Bad idea… 10 min later we had 3 shots each and 2500 SEK less on the account 😦 What they recommended us was to get vaccination for:

  • Hepatitis A & B (needs to be repeated at least 3 times and then it lasts for a life time)
  • Typhoid (good for 3 years)
  • Cholera (drinkable)
  • Yellow fever (lasts for a life time); this one was low risk and is mostly needed for Brazil but they recommended anyway for travellers

We had planned to get some burgers at a pub later the same evening, not knowing that the Typhoid shot is a killer… 15 min later Merima’s arm was hurting, and it was not helping that her friend was hitting her out of pure excitement  every two minutes, forgetting about the shot. Fred was laughing at the whole thing, but little did he know that the same future awaited him, but just a bit later. Being a bit bigger, the pain just came later… 😀 Not a comfortable night.

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