Cold? Who said cold?

A few weeks ago, one day in Mid-January it felt like Christmas morning all over again!

We received an SMS saying we had to pick up a package at our local post office! We do like surprises, and boy, this one was a great one ! The package was not your regular shoe-box size kind of package, but more like the size of boxes you always dreamed to find under the X-mas tree when you where a kid ! See by yourself !


When planning the trip we realised we were missing some part of clothing and decided to try to contact some local companies, offering them the possibility to take on our six month adventure some of their products. We needed technical and versatile equipment that would allow us to face all the different kinds of weathers and temperatures we are gonna endure on this 15 000+ km journey.

Woolpower, a Swedish company was one of the first one to answer to us, and that showed interest in our project. This pleased us a lot because Woolpower is dealing with wool products ( what a scoop ! ). Wool is good when you travel, it is natural, keeps you very warm, but yet allows for a good ventilation of the body. It also dries fast and doesn’t smell, even after long use. Take that cotton!

Woolpower is using merino wool, coming straight from Patagonian farms (that must have been a sign). The wool is imported to Sweden, directly from the producers, and the clothes are hand-sewed in Östersund in Sweden. And on each clothe is written the name of the person who sewed it! Is it often that you can personally name and thank the person who helped you staying warm? Awesome!

We then opened the box, and guess what was in there… even better than anything we hoped for!




Full outfit in merino wool, from top to toe!

In addition to some hiking socks and a beanie, we also got some undies, long johns and T-shirt. These first-layer clothes are made out of Woolpower’s very comfortable LITE material, which is 80% merino wool, yet it is super thin and doesn’t itch at all.

Finally we opened the last box that was a warm and cosy middle-layer sweater. This will be perfect to stay warm after a hike or during an evening under the Andean sky!


During these past weeks we had time to try, test and like our new outfit! Merima even wore the Tee LITE T-shirt, and the sweater for biking to work and sweating up the (long) one hill we have in Uppsala. After one week, it didn’t smell and she never complained about being cold (that’s a new one!).

We will soon write about everything we will pack for our six months in South America, you will be able to find there the details of our Woolpower kit. We are really looking forward to be able to use our full outfit during the trip, and are very thankful to Woolpower for helping us out!

Look at these hotties !!img_2716

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