Three weeks to go and a doctor joins the team!

Preparations are on-going, and that feels good !πŸ˜‡

Even though most of our occupations these past days have been very administrative, and boring, they are a must do when you travel, even more when you plan to be away from home for half a year and to cross an hemisphere !

We now have figured out what to do with our apartment at home, what do do with our car but we also fixed some international driving licenses for both of us, and a new passport for Fred!

We have also started to optimise our packs, and to understand what piece of gear or what clothΒ is a must have, which one is comfort, and could be let behind if we happen to be too loaded. That is not easy !

Lets’s play a game : Picture last time you went on holidays for say one or two weeks; Take the luggage you used, and now try to fill it with everything you think one could need for 6 months ! And to make it easier we are of course gonna need some warm and thick layers of clothes, not only flip flops and bikinis. Even though, we also need to take flip flops and bikinis πŸ˜±πŸ€”!

Our next administrative task is to find a good insurance for the duration of the journey :/ Definitely one of the thing we, Merima and Fred, have in common, is our hatred for insurances in general,their little tiny lines and exceptions and ways to say it is okay and all covered but actually it was not okay and you discover it when you needed the most. Well nonetheless, we do need a insurance and must do the boring study to understand which is the one for us out there.

Finally, we could blame our lack of activity online by a huge achievements that is somehow half related to the trip. Last Friday, Merima brilliantly defended and obtained Β her PhD in molecular biology !

Congratulations Doctor Merima !! πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ“πŸŽ“So for all of you that are a bit worried about our trip, well now we have a doctor on-board (Even if Merima says “Not that kind of doctor”). Well still pretty much impressive, and even if some rest after the defence and the celebration is in order, now both of us can totally focus on these last three weeks before we definitely jump into the unknown !

Clock is ticking faster than ever!

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