One week !

Things have never been so serious now !

We have finally fixed the last administrative documents like insurances and mail transfer. One could need some of that.

We have also looked at what we want to do once we reach the End of the World in Ushuaia in a bit more than a week, and started to think on how we plan to come back from the End of the World into the lesser end of the World !!


And we started to gather around all the things that are not clothes in our backpack but nonetheless need to bring in for the adventure !

Here you can have a look at it :


  • Fred’s hiking backpack, the Osprey Xenith 75
  • Merima’s hiking backpack, the Bergans Trollheta 75L Lady
  • Fred’s daily/photo backpack, the Fstop Ajna. It is a photography bag, but designed for outdoors. I’ve been using it for several months now in hikes in Sweden, and it is fantastic, very comfortable, and safe for the gear, but with lots of extra room and functionalities for hike-usage. Can’t wait to use it in the Andes to shoot great landscapes!
  • Merima’s daily backpack, the Osprey Tempest 40. This one is brand new and we’re looking forward to use it in real conditions.
  • Both of us will be using hydration pack from Osprey, the Hydraulics 2L that can fit in any of our backpack, big or small so we can always have them, hopefully full of water no matter the bag we take.
  • We also have rain covers for every single backpacks, and two big flight bags that will protect the big backpacks during air travel.
  • Our tent from Helsport, model Fjellheimen 3 (designed for three people, or two people with big backpacks )
  • Our air mattresses are the Exped SynMat Hyperlite. They are super light (345g and 445g for Fred’s that is bigger, and they compress into a size similar to a 50cl soda bottle). But yet provide a very good insulation from the floor and are very comfy ! We are also taking another very nice item from Exped, called the Schnozzel. Apart from the funny name it is a big and ultralight dry bag that will protect our gear from the rain that can also be use as an pump bag when filled with air. So we won’t have to blow in our mattresses, which can come handy to prevent from having humidity into them, and also on saving precious oxygen for ourselves when we will be high up in the mountains.
  • We will retake with us our old but good sleeping bags: Fred has a Quechua Ultralight Down from Decathlon that has travelled the globe already, and Merima is taking her Bergans Senja Snow. They are not the lightest or warmest out there, but they should do the job just right. Both of us are also taking a silk sheet to provide additional comfort and warmth.
  • We are taking two microfibers towels. Lightweight and super fast drying. One is from Decathlon, the other from Pack Towel
  • Two headlights ( Black Diamond Spot and Petzl Tikka Plus) and some extra batteries will be very much used for camping, hiking
  • An additional dry back from Haglöfs.
  • Some ultralight mesh bags from Haglöfs to organise and sort out smaller equipment such as charger, plug adaptor, cables and such.
  • A Lifestraw, little device that we’re curious to see how often we will use. It is made to purify almost any natural water into something that is safe to drink. Might come handy while in remote part of the countryside or in the mountains. It was fist designed for people in developing countries who don’t have water piped in from municipal sources or other access to safe water and emergency settings following natural disasters when water is contaminated. A brilliant thing we believe !
  • We will use Eagle Creek Pack It Specter system to pack all our clothes. We’ve used some of these pouches before and absolutely loved them. There are super convenient to organise clothes and compress them into much smaller volumes which will come handy. They are also water resistant, and we’re taking enough of them to also use them to separate clean from dirty laundry.
  • And we also taking with us a little gem from Eagle Creek, a 230g, super compressible duffel bag, that once opened will help us store some of our not needed gear while we are out hiking, or eventually allow us to bring extra souvenirs from the Andes.
  • Fred will carry his MeFoto travel tripod in order to bring back nice landscapes pictures. Soon, he will put a photography dedicated article online.
  • And to guide us along the Andes and all the countries we will cross we will take our Lonely Planet – South America on a Shoestring guide.



As usual, we will update the list while we travel, and get more and more familiar with our new gear. We will review it, and share our beloved piece of kit, and the one we will maybe not bring with us next time. Hopefully it will be of use for some of you in your adventures!!


One thought on “One week !

  1. presque plus de place pour l’imprévu….
    je vois que tu commences à avoir de l’expérience des voyages, tu as même pensé à l’assurance cette fois.Super
    good trip à vous deux


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