The adventurers

Fred and Merima, seen and described by Merima and Fred ! Here you get to know a bit more about us :


28 Years old, French. Left his job as a project engineer for the adventure. Came to Sweden for work, and got trapped in the Swedish coziness and the Sunless void of winter.


Likes : hiking, taking pictures, ice cream and travelling

Dislikes : Inactivity, snakes, olives

Has set foot in: New Zealand, Sri-Lanka, India, South-Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Egypt


29 years old, Bosnian. Just finished her PhD in molecular biology and decided to get a fresh start in the professional world by running away in South-America. She is also a gym instructor, any physical challenge is well appreciated. The sky is the limit!


Likes : Sport, any kind of activity really, chocolate, good old rock

Dislikes : Carbs, olives, spiders, any kind of insect actually, waiting for Fred when he takes his stupid pictures.

Has set foot in: Sri-Lanka, Europe, USA, ex Yugo, Egypt