The Plan

We intend to travel across South American, along the Andes mountain range during six months!


Why South America?

Why not ?!

Why so long?

Well, it is not a trip that can be done in one week. It also takes a bit of time to reach and leave the end of the world in Tierra del Fuego. There is a thousand things to do out there ! And by doing the whole journey with a comfortable pillow of time, it gives us time to actually discover and enjoy our destinations, not just sprint from on popular selfie spot to the other. It also allows us to take our time when we decide it, to have a break in the holidays, just chilling out eating ice-cream on a bench somewhere.


If the travel goes well, we will land in Ushuaia after a couple of days of acclimation in Buenos Aires. From there, it can only be one way : Up North! We will ride on both sides of the Andes, crossing Chilean and Argentine Patagonia. Then up north towards Santiago and Valparaiso, before crossing once more on the Argentine side. Wander around the Argentine pampa and vineyards, and reach the desert of Atacama before climbing up the Bolivian Altiplano.
La Paz, and the Lake Titicaca will await us on our way to Peru where things will go totally out of control! Inca – or other indian -ruins everywhere, Highs Andean peaks, the beginning of the Amazonian cloud and rain forest and the tropical beaches. And after all that, we do not rest as we move on closer to the Equator, in Ecuador !


With a lot of motivation, patience and general interest for unexpected plans, feelings and the use of whatever ride we will find suitable. Foot, bike, bus, llama, donkey, boat, trucks. Everything is possible!20170124_143544